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Discipleship Groups
At the Albert City Evangelical Free Church, we encourage everyone to be a part of a Life Group or a Discipleship Group. In a D-Group is where we live up to our mission, in an even greater way, of “making disciples who make disciples.” While Life Groups focus more heavily on building community, D-Groups focus more heavily on making disciples. This requires a greater depth of accountability, expected personal devotions each week, Bible memorization, and an established plan for personal evangelism. 
D-Groups are gender exclusive groups of 3-5 people (including the leader) who meet most weeks for around 12 months for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. D-Group meetings follow the Three Thirds Method;
  1. Looking back (20 mins) for accountability to review how you did with your commitments
  2. Looking up (20 mins) for training to receive direction from the Lord
  3. Looking forward (20 mins) for application to plan and practice how you will obey the Lord in the coming week.
  • Disciplship group meeting outline & printable download: Click Here
A person joins a D-Group by invitation or by signing their group up online with a leader already established. They will then have an orientation meeting with Pastor Jason to review goals, expectations, and the model of a meeting. The goal is multiplication which happens when the disciple becomes a discipler, taking on 3-4 people of their own when this time is complete.
Please review this document for additional information: D-Groups FAQ
Replicate Disciple's Journal that is needed for D-Groups: Purchase Here

Discipleship Group Sign Up
Looking to put together a discipleship group or have one going, fill out the form below for Pastor Jason!