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Building Site

For several years, our Church has felt the call to either expand our current facility or bulid an altogether new facility. With the high school's old-fashioned field becoming available on the north side of town, a confirmation was unanimously felt to purchase the land and begin designs for a new building. 

There are multiple reasons why we feel both a need and desire for a new place of worship. First, we have no additional room in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings! As our church continues to grow, our new sanctuary will provide ample space to meet the needs of new attenders. Secondly, because we value relationships, we desire a larger lobby space for fellowship. Following Sunday services, there will be plenty of room for people to mingle and enjoy meaningful conversations. Thirdly, we value the education of every person in the church. Our new education wing will provide all the classrooms needed to effectively teach God’s Word to every grade level. God has blessed us with a significant number of children. We believe our church has a bright future! This new building will be a blessing to them for many years to come! 

What’s most important to our expansion is our desire to be a place of hope to those in need of the Good News of Jesus. We see our church increasingly becoming a “regional church,” a place where people can call their church home from even 25 or more miles away. God is calling us to expand our reach and influence, and this new building will provide the facility means to make that possible. 
The shell of the building should be completed by the end of November. We continue to trust the Lord for the remaining funds needed to complete this project. We call upon all who sense God’s prompting to generously contribute to our building fund. We look to God for the accomplishment of this ambition of faith! “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1). To God be the glory!